Welcome to the homepage for Cracked Tower Studios!

Cracked Tower Studios is a group designed to make applications and services for gamers and nerds alike! Currently Cracked Tower Studios has finished a dice rolling application called "Generic Tabletop Role Playing Game Dice Roller" or to severely shorten it, "GTDR". GTDR is a quick web-based application that provides a wide range of dice for tabletop players and masters both to use. This is designed to ease the pain of rolling dice digitally, rather you need four D6 or four hundred! This app is designed with a extremely flexible design suited to meet the die rolling needs of any game or system you play. If your party is escaping with a Dragon's treasure or you are playing a simple board game, GTDR will meet your needs!

Currently Cracked Tower is working on a list-like web application that is designed to help players upkeep what is in their inventory!

Big Construction!

Image of Start of GTDR

The Webpages has to currently be relocated to its new domain and prepare once again for launch! The previous webpage still currently works (as of posting). Which can be found HERE

Cracked Tower Studios website is made!

Image of a large tower for new article.

To more appropriately utilize the apps, a new website has been made to store GTDR and future applications!

Start of GTDR!

Image of Start of GTDR

With the launch of the webpage, GTDR is almost ready to be used on browsers!